Serving in Unprecedented Times

Aug 10, 2020

I was shocked. I couldn’t believe my manager.

“We have to bring them here,” he said.

Although I didn’t believe it at the time, we would bring them here. Not only would it be some of the most meaningful work of my life, but it would be a major contributor to why I started Cresta Solutions.

At the start of every work day in early summer 2012, we had lamented about how the conflict in Syria was becoming a war. Since we worked at a university, we were particularly attuned to the devastating impact the conflict was having on students’ pursuit of higher education. 

When my manager had initially said that we had to do something to help, I quickly agreed. Since I hadn’t yet learned what a “big ideas” guy he was in the few weeks that I had been working for him, I thought that he meant that we should help a student group bring in a speaker. Maybe do a bake sale fundraiser. 

“No, Megan. We have to bring them to Chicago. They need to finish their degrees.” 

With very little funding or connections to Syria, starting such an endeavor seemed impossible — until I met them. When I started virtually meeting aspiring students, I was blown away by their drive, intelligence, and care for others. I quickly realized that not serving them is what would be impossible. 

Serving them was the only conceivable option. 

Serving with Purpose

You could say that the work we did with those Syrian students was unprecedented. Interestingly, “unprecedented” seems to be the word of the year in 2020, so I do believe that the impossible can be made possible.

A group who right now in 2020 is truly dealing with the unprecedented has been growing leaders at educational organizations. Whether they work at higher education institutions, education-focused nonprofits, ed-tech startups, associations, schools, childcare centers, or beyond, they have that same drive, intelligence, and care for others that I saw in my students.

These growing leaders are an incredible inspiration to serve because they are also trying to make the impossible possible, working in an industry that is undergoing unprecedented change. They are great at what they do, and they often take on more challenges outside of their existing skillset. Maybe they are asked to lead a must-win project. Or they volunteer to solve a problem that’s been plaguing their organization. They are mission-driven and excited about the challenge, but their organizations are often under-resourced. Sometimes they just need some help, such as a project structure or a coach, and they yield astounding results. 

That’s where I come in. I help these growing leaders go from feeling overwhelmed, nervous, and frustrated to feeling prepared, empowered, and confident. From feeling alone to being supported. They can and will deliver projects with breakthrough, lasting results. 

Right now, considering how high the stakes are for education and our society moving forward, serving these growing leaders at educational organizations is the only conceivable option for me. I have the skills, the experience, and the desire to serve them and their purpose.

I currently offer coaching to help them through their projects, and coming soon will be a Masterclass. Schedule a 30-min free consultation now! 

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