⇝ Hello, there!

I’m Megan Mozina (she/her), Founder & Principal of Cresta Solutions, a Chicago-based, woman-owned facilitation and consulting practice. 

I prepare and empower growing leaders at purpose-driven organizations to get breakthrough results on their projects — now and in the future. To get them there, I take a fresh approach to project leadership. I layer on a commitment to coaching and skill-building that focuses on:

  • creative problem-solving, and
  • helping human beings manage changes for the benefit of other human beings.

I also love dark chocolate and books (usually consumed before 6am and after 8pm, respectively) — but that's for another day.

The Frustrated, yet Optimistic, Practitioner.

As a practitioner in international and higher education, I loved managing projects, facilitating workshops, and leading programs. The students and communities I served inspired me. The missions of the organizations where I worked motivated me. It was because of this inspiration and motivation that I was willing to work hard and do my best.  

And yet, I was frequently frustrated with the slow pace of change, the inefficient processes, and the lack of innovative approaches.

It turns out I wasn't alone in that frustration. 

I've lived in five different countries across four continents, and I saw the same thing everywhere I went: caring, dedicated practitioners at purpose-driven organizations who were overworked, under-resourced, and frustrated. Despite that, they were, like me, committed to making an impact.


I knew there had to be a better way for us to make a greater impact. 

⇝ To lead changes that lasted.

⇝ To design processes that helped, rather than hindered, our productivity.

⇝ To not just solve our problems, but to achieve innovative results.

Learner with a Purpose.

To help figure out how to lead better projects and lasting changes, I leveraged the resources I had, which included:

  • reflecting on past experiences with many different organizations in many different places,
  • drawing from what I had learned in grad school about organizations and adult learning, and in university about how societies and cultures interact, and
  • reaching out to countless mentors for advice.

While all of those were helpful in helping my projects be more successful, the coaching support I got from some mentors was invaluable.

And I knew that I had more to figure out.

The Experiments.

With dark chocolate in hand, I started studying everything related to organizational excellence.

At first I thought I needed to know more about Project Management, so I dove into that and took a (very boring) course on the subject. (And also promised to only ever run courses that were engaging.)

I applied what I learned, and then knew I needed to learn more about Process Improvement, so I read, took courses, and got certifications in process improvement. It was so satisfying applying what I learned, making life easier for those who used the processes.

To really leverage all of these projects and goals in a more intentional way, I dove into the study of Strategic Planning. Certified by the Association for Strategic Planning, I better knew how to intentionally lead a suite of projects.

⇝ But none of these disciplines helped me lead breakthrough, lasting changes.  

The Answers.

Then I found the fields of Creative Problem Solving and Change Management

They brought clarity. They brought joy.

I felt as energized and relieved as I do when I finish an inspirational run along the shores of my beloved Lake Michigan. (For those of you who find the idea of enjoying running as offensive, my apologies!)

With these tools (and certifications) in my belt, I knew how to lead projects that generated innovative results, and I knew how to lead them in way that would make changes stick longer-term.

Through a lot of trial and error, I developed a project framework that brought structure to the chaos that projects often create. As an internal consultant at a purpose-driven organization, I used this framework and trained others on how to use it.

It worked.

Cresta Solutions

When those caring, dedicated practitioners and leaders started using my project framework, tools, and approaches, they were able to make a greater impact.

They were leading lasting changes and getting innovative results.

I started Cresta Solutions to prepare and empower more purpose-driven leaders to make the kind of impact that they want to make.

Cresta Solutions, LLC is a Chicago-based, woman-owned facilitation and consulting practice.

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What's in a name?

As a leader, you are not just facing a single strenuous mountain to summit. You are staring down a never-ending series of waves that need to be managed, interchangeably and simultaneously. To reach the highest points in the challenges — those crests — and to come out in the end with success and grace requires a strategic, solutions-oriented approach to change. 

Cresta Solutions is named in honor of the crests, with an eye towards solutions. A crest (or cresta, as our Spanish- and Italian-speaking friends so beautifully call it) is the highest point of energy of a wave. You can interpret the crest — the apex of a challenge — negatively or positively. I choose to see the crests as points of thrilling beauty. So much so, that I am dedicating my days to helping purpose-driven leaders navigate them. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that my wonderful mother’s name is Krista!

cresta — Spanish, Italian, Catalan

creastă — Romanian

— French

— Latin, Galician, Portuguese

Core Tenets

My approach is grounded in these tenets:

1. Anyone can be a leader.
2. Everyone can be creative.
3. A diverse community is essential.
4. Purpose fosters growth.
5. Learning is a core aspect of wellness.

Core Beliefs

My world view is grounded in these truths:

Black lives matter.
Women's rights are human rights.
No human is illegal.
Science is real.
Love is love.
Kindness is everything.


While much of my work is accomplished virtually or through travel, I'm based in Chicago, which is located on the traditional unceded homelands of the Council of the Three Fires: the Ojibwe, Odawa, and Potawatomi Nations. Many other tribes such as the Miami, Ho-Chunk, Menominee, Sac, and Fox also called this area home.

⇝ A letter from Megan

Hi, there!

You being here tells me you've had similar frustrations to mine — with slow changes, inefficient processes, and lack of innovation at your organization.

I hope that you now see a light at the end of the tunnel!

I started Cresta Solutions to prepare and empower purpose-driven leaders like you to solve real problems through collaboration and innovation, so let's reduce that frustration and get you results. 🚀

Now that you've heard my story, I can't wait to hear yours! Start by booking a complimentary Coffee Chat with me. 

Talk to you soon,

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