What You Need to Know About FourSight

Mar 13, 2024

Based on 70+ years of research and 25+ years of international, cross-industry validation, the FourSight® Thinking Profile is an assessment that focuses on creative problem-solving and innovation. It helps individuals understand where they and their colleagues naturally gravitate in the problem-solving process so that they can leverage that process for innovation

There are a lot of assessments out there, so why FourSight?

While there are many valuable assessments on the market, Cresta Solutions specifically uses FourSight® because of its application to every challenge and every work day. Work is the process of solving problems, so knowledge of your preferences in solving problems helps yield greater awareness, impact, and results in your work. 

The FourSight® process maps directly to the daily and strategic work process, meaning consistent, relevant application. It serves as the foundation for a collaborative, innovation-based approach to problem-solving across the organization — a new way of working!

We also appreciate that the FourSight® Thinking Profile is not a personality assessment, but rather, it is an assessment that helps you gain self awareness of your cognitive style — how you think, how you approach problems, and how you might interact with others who may or may not have a similar cognitive style.

How might we use FourSight with your team? 

One of the best ways for your team to initially engage with FourSight is through an offsite/retreat. 

What we typically do is have members of your team take the 7-10 minute online assessment ahead of the offsite/retreat. We get the results, analyze them, create team profiles, and customize the agenda and activities based on the team.

Then during the offsite/retreat, through a series of engaging activities, participants learn about:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Their own FourSight profiles — including how they might better solve problems, especially problems begging for an innovative solution
  • Their team FourSight profiles — including what they need to be aware of to enhance collaboration
  • The Creative Problem Solving process and the Cresta Solutions Project Leadership Framework — including how they might apply them in their ongoing work

While I like learning for the sake of learning, I want your team to be able to truly apply it to their work in the long run. The most effective way to do that is to apply it immediately, especially since application is how adults learn best. We do that through identifying a “problem” facing your team, and having the team start solving the problem during the offsite/retreat by applying the new knowledge through a series of facilitated, collaborative activities.


They end the retreat/offsite having learned more about themselves and their teams, and they leave with a work product in hand — all the while strengthening their connection, interpersonal trust, awareness.


When teams use FourSight as part of a facilitated engagement with Cresta Solutions, they receive:

  • A link for all participants to take the FourSight® Thinking Profile assessment.
  • Training on the Creative Problem Solving process.
  • Individual and team “reveals” of their FourSight® Thinking Profile results and Team Profiles.
  • Activities to apply the Cresta Solutions Project Leadership Framework on a real challenge facing the team.
  • All of the participant and team FourSight results in the post-engagement report.


What happens after the retreat/offsite?

I’m passionate not just about having a quality retreat/offsite experience, but about it having a lasting impact. There are several different ways to have lasting impact:

  1. Initially, holding virtual Momentum Sessions with Cresta Solutions a few weeks and months after the engagement to remind participants what they experienced, and to allow them to ask questions and seek advice about application. 
  2. Integrating the Cresta Solutions Project Leadership Framework into daily and strategic operations in the workplace. For instance, as past clients have done, putting it at the top of the standing team meeting agenda or incorporating it into the project planning documents. 
  3. Longer term, creating a culture of consistent, collaborative innovation by regularly using the practices and the language of FourSight and the Cresta Solutions Project Leadership Framework. By making sure that the root problem is being solved, and not a symptom of it. By challenging others to dig deeper into their creativity when they just come up with one decent solution. By testing solutions, poking holes in them. And so many other ways.


How have others felt about using FourSight?

What others are saying about FourSight-based retreats/offsites facilitated by Megan Mozina from Cresta Solutions:

  • “Loved the new Framework and identification of styles as an individual and a team — found this very useful moving forward.”
  • “I think the FourSight tool was just right — not overly complex.”
  • “I really enjoyed the content. It was easy to understand and apply right away.”
  • “I liked the assessment tool and the activities on how to implement.”
  • “I liked the FourSight Framework and the amount of time, and the intention of getting to know one another better.”


A selection of organizations that use FourSight®:

Aegon • Allstate • American Express • AT&T • Avon • BBC • Blue Cross Blue Shield • BNP Paribas • Boeing • Cadbury Schweppes • Campbell’s • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation • Canadian Management Centre • Center for Creative Leadership • CHANEL • Coca-Cola • Deloitte • Disney • DuPont • Emory University • Environment Canada • ExxonMobil • Fiat • Fisher Price • Ford • GM • Google • Harvard • Health Canada • HP • IBM • Illinois Institute of Technology • IIT Institute of Design • Invesco • Johnson & Johnson • Kellogg • Kimberly-Clark • KPMG • Kraft Foods • Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of the Sciences • Leo Burnett • L’Oreal • Mars • McCormick • MeadWestvaco • Medtronic • Metropolitan Family Services • MIT • Monsanto • Motts • Nabisco • National Bank of Kuwait • National Science Foundation • Nestle • Nike • NutraSweet • Pepperidge Farms • Perdue • Pfizer • Polaroid • Pratt Institute • Prudential • Raytheon • Rich Products • Royal Mail • S.C. Johnson • Samsung • Southern New Hampshire University • Stanford University • Staples • Starbucks • Syngenta • Takeda • United Nations • UPS • US Bank • Vodafone • Xerox • Yum! 


Megan E. Mozina is a certified FourSight® facilitator. 

More information on FourSight: www.foursightonline.com/assessment-with-certified-facilitator


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