Forget about that Oddly-Proportioned Cat: You Truly Are Creative

Sep 14, 2020

As a five-year-old child, I coveted two things.

The first was my best friend’s really cool mini flashlight. 🔦 (What can I say?!)

The second was her artistic ability. 🎨

It is pretty messed up that as a preschooler, I had already started putting a limit on my creative abilities. 

(Which is pretty ironic, considering all the ways I dreamed up I could steal that little battery-operated wonder. 💭 )

Why did I start labeling myself as not creative? 

Just because my friend thought up ideas that I didn’t, doesn’t mean that her ideas were better or that my ideas were worse. In fact, the diversity of ideas made us a stronger, more creative team!

Doubting, or even shunning, our creative abilities starts at different early ages, but most adults pretty squarely scoff at any suggestion that they are creative. 

Why? Simply because they can’t draw a convincing cat?

I was — and still am — a creative person. 

And guess what: YOU ARE, TOO!

One of Cresta Solutions’ core five beliefs is that everyone can be creative. 

“Creativity at its core is a part of being human — it's universal,” as Skillshare CEO Matt Cooper aptly states.

And drawing ability has nothing to do with it, so forget about that oddly-proportioned cat.

Creativity is simply about new ideas. 

If I had that super cool mini flashlight right now, I’d use it to shine a light on this very important statement:

🔦 Creativity is important because it is the precursor to innovation.

It is with great irony that “everyone” wants to be innovative, and yet so many shun creativity. 

Creativity is the birthplace of innovation! 🎆

Just because my mom told me that my art was just as creative as my friend’s, and just because my business is built on the belief that you are creative, and just because Skillshare’s CEO says it’s built into our species’ DNA, doesn’t mean that we’re all suddenly going to feel creative. 

So, how do you start feeling creative? How do you start working toward breakthrough innovation?

Well, you follow a process. Putting a little bit of structure around creativity actually helps it thrive

That’s one reason why I developed Cresta Solutions’ Project Framework, which is based on the Creative Problem-Solving process. Being conscious of the steps in the process and how they lead from creativity to innovative results is powerful.

I work with individuals and teams to help them leverage their dormant and yet native creativity to solve the most pesky problems in innovative ways.

You want to know more, don't you? Yup!


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