How to make your year happier and transformational

Jan 17, 2022

What would you be willing to do if you knew you could have a happier year?

If you could make your year full of growth and progress?

If it could be transformational?!


When I recently surveyed a group of pretty brilliant people (those on my email list; join us!), I asked them what three words they’d use to describe this year if their teams were more collaborative and innovative. 

Their responses included:

  • Purposeful, forward-thinking, full of growth
  • Driven, action-oriented, dedicated, productive, progress-filled
  • Game-changing, transformational
  • Happier
  • Flexible
  • Relaxing, “take a nap”
  • Innovative
  • A talent magnet


There’s some pretty obvious need for teams to be more collaborative and innovative, based on these inspirational responses.


I’m sure you yourself can look at this and crave a year of growth and purpose, after two years of responsiveness and breath-holding.

I’m sure you’d love a year that is action-oriented and progress-filled because of a more collaborative and innovative team, and not because the pandemic forced you to rework your best laid plans.

I’m sure you’d welcome a year that shuns the weight of the past two years — one that’s happier, more flexible, more relaxing.

How about a year where your organization bucks the trends of the Great Resignation, instead being a talent magnet?


“Yeah, OK, Megan,” you may be thinking.

“That’s very nice and all, Megan,” you may be thinking.

“So do I just snap my fingers and my team becomes more collaborative and innovative?!”

To which I would respond, “Well, yes. Kind of.”


What you do is you contact me. You can tell me your own story of what an exhausting few years it's been. You can tell me how your team members have been working hard just to keep their heads above water, how you feel the same, and how you want something different. You all want a year that’s purposeful, transformational, and happier.


I know that you’re kind of squinting at me now. Maybe a bit of side eye coming my way? 

It’s OK. I’m used to it. My kids look at me that way when I tell them that “cleaning up the living room will be fun!”

From your perspective, the side eye is understandable, but only because you don’t know my HOW. 

How are you going to help my team be more collaborative and innovative, Megan?!”


Well, here’s how:

  1. You and I have a quick call (book now) to understand what your goals are, what your team is like, etc.
  2. I send you a proposal for a fun and engaging team workshop, as well as executive coaching sessions for you. 
  3. We host the workshop and hold the executive coaching sessions.
  4. You tell me how much you loved everything, and I say “Aw, shucks!”


Want to know more about the workshop?

  • During the engaging, interactive workshop, your team learns about how to leverage the Creative Problem Solving process to be more collaborative and innovative. 
  • As a Certified FourSight Facilitator, I’ll share their individual and team results from the FourSight assessments they’ll take. There will be all sorts of “ah ha” moments that lead to greater self-awareness, team understanding, and overall growth. It’s splendid.
  • Bonus: You can also check off of your To Do list “Plan a retreat,” since this workshop will serve as a team-building retreat — as well as professional development for all attendees and a future investment in your new way of working.


Curious about the executive coaching sessions?

The proposal includes executive coaching sessions with you. They’re discussion-based and meant to help you maximize the ongoing impact of the workshop, helping you be even more confident in your leadership and in how you understand your team. 

If you want a 2022 that’s purposeful, transformational, and happier, thanks to a more collaborative and innovative team, that’ll take ongoing culture change work. 

But I’m here for it and for you.


I’m currently booking these sessions. Take action now to be able to look back on a happier, forward-thinking 2022 and say “Wow, I even got to take a nap.”


Megan E. Mozina
Founder & Principal
Cresta Solutions


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