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⇝ Hi, there! I'm Megan.

As the Principal Consultant + Facilitator of Cresta Solutions, I work with growth-minded leaders and leadership teams who face complex problems and who desire breakthrough results. I work with leaders who want to make a positive difference in their teams, organizations, and communities.

I am also an educator and a coach. A leader and an entrepreneur. A mother and a meal-prepper.

To learn about what energizes me, how I can help you reach your goals, and what body of water I consider to be my soul mate, check out my About page.

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OK, let me guess...

Are you purpose-driven? Are you are passionately committed to making a positive difference in your team, organization, or community? 

Is not having access to the support and resources you need holding you back from leading real change?

If so, I'm here to help. I want you to feel confident that you can deliver breakthrough projects and lasting change.

How my approach is different.

As an adult educator at heart, I prepare and empower growing leaders at purpose-driven organizations to get breakthrough results on their projects — now and in the future. To get them there, I take a fresh approach to project leadership. I layer on that a commitment to coaching and skill-building that focuses on:

  • creative problem-solving, and
  • helping human beings manage changes for the benefit of other human beings.

What I offer.

I offer a variety of services to help leaders (and aspiring leaders!) meet their goals:

  • Through facilitation, I help your team connect, build awareness about collaboratively solving complex challenges, and get innovative solutions (in a fun way!). 
  • Through consulting and educational programs, I help your team learn how to lead strategic changes and meet their goals. 
  • Through leadership coaching, I challenge you and support you so that you achieve deep growth and results. 



Wondering more specifically about how I can help you confidently reach your goals of getting more innovative, lasting results from your projects? Below are my Core Services, depending on what you need and what solutions you're aiming for!

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When teams need to discuss, collaborate, & connect  virtually or in-person.

-Strategic Planning
-Team building
-Ideation sessions

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When you need a strategic partner who has the process and tools for success.

-Org changes
-Challenging projects
-Strategic initiatives
-Understaffed periods

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When you want engaging, interactive learning  virtually or in-person.

-Creative Problem Solving
-Change leadership
-FourSight assessment
-Complex Problem Solving

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When you’re seeking challenge, growth, & thought-partnership.

-New leadership role
-Team challenges
-Project advice
-General overwhelm

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Seeking innovative solutions?

My online course "Refresh: Intro to Straight-Forward Project Management for Innovative Results" will help you get there!

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"I have always left [Megan's] trainings a much better professional."

"Megan delves deep into the issues and people's concerns. I have been amazed at how she understands the needs of everyone around her. She does her research and comes to every session prepared. She then works on developing tools to help the project succeed. I have often been amazed at the tools that she utilizes in any project. I have always left her trainings a much better professional. What makes her unique is that she does not always need to have the answer, but she utilizes the opinions of others and her own to develop solutions. What I have been most impressed by is her empathy. As a leader, she truly listens and always makes you feel valued."

- Raul Fernandez, Assistant Director of Community Standards, Illinois Institute of Technology

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Stuck on a project?

Or even on a portfolio of projects? Let's get you on track to success with Project Coaching.

You bring the problems to be solved, and I'll bring my energy, my drive, and the Cresta Solutions Project Framework, which is based on 65+ years of academic research on the Creative Problem Solving process.

Not only will you complete your project, but you'll get lasting, innovative results!

Learn more about Project Coaching

"[Megan] is forward-thinking and is able to articulate the outcome clients want to achieve and the steps that are needed to get them there."

"When I have sought out Megan's guidance, she is forward-thinking and is able to articulate the outcome clients want to achieve and the steps that are needed to get them there. She has the great blend of analysis and creativity: analysis to understand the challenge and creativity to provide solutions. Megan is authentically interested in the people she is engaged with. She listens empathetically and provides thoughtful and compassionate responses."

- Duane Wilson, Chief Operating Officer, Boys & Girls Club of St. Joseph County

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"Megan knows how to lead training, facilitate meetings, and help teams accomplish their goals."


"Megan is a true professional! Whether presenting in front of hundreds of people or groups of 10 or 20, Megan knows how to lead training, facilitate meetings, and help teams accomplish their goals. I have seen her effectively work in large ballrooms, small training and conference rooms, and over Zoom — before Zoom was as well-known as it is today! I have served on a team that Megan has led and I have worked side-by-side with her as a peer. She is always thoughtful, warm, engaging, knowledgeable, and inclusive!"

- Kim-Marie Jenkins, Director of Organizational Effectiveness, University of Maine System

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