Let's take a refreshing approach to project leadership.


Refresh is a program that prepares and empowers leaders and teams to collaboratively: 

⇝ solve the right problems,

⇝ develop innovative solutions, and

⇝ lead projects that get breakthrough, lasting results for your organization.

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⇝ Are you frustrated by a lack of innovative solutions?

⇝ Do you dream of your teams approaching problem-solving with confidence and collaboration?

⇝ Do you just want these projects done already?!

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⇝ I get you.

I've lived in five countries across four continents, and I’ve worked as a consultant, program director, Peace Corps Volunteer, trainer, staff member, and teacher. In every place and in every role, I've consistently seen people working so hard to serve others and their communities, but without results that match their efforts. How frustrating!

Over and over, I’ve seen members of a team each working on the same problem in their own way, as if repelled by a collaborative approach. Not surprisingly, with little success. How frustrating!

People like you and teams like yours have so much energy and determination to solve your organization's problems, but without the right framework, tools, and support, it can be hard to get results — much less the innovative results that I know you dream about! 

Experiencing that frustration myself is what has driven me over the years to study, practice, and test ideas, theories, and approaches. I've failed a lot in these trials, but I've also learned a lot, developed straight-forward systems, and succeeded.

And more importantly, I've helped others succeed.

I'm so excited for you to bring Refresh to your organization so that I can help you and your team feel prepared and empowered to confidently and collaboratively transform challenging problems into innovative solutions. How will you do that? By using the Cresta Solutions Project Framework that I developed and that you’ll learn and apply in this program. Join me to build long-term capacity for your teams, to build a culture of innovation, to complete your projects in the process!

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⇝ What is "Refresh: Intro to Straight-Forward Project Leadership for Innovative Results"? 

It is not your typical course.

It is not your typical program.

It is an applied, results-oriented group program that combines:

  • an asynchronous online course,
  • live group coaching, and
  • accountability-based community building.

Why? So that participants successfully and sustainably develop the knowledge and abilities required to get innovative results for the problems they're solving for their organization.

It is straight-forward, jargon-free, low-tech, human-centered project leadership that can easily be applied at educational institutions, nonprofits, and other purpose-driven organizations.

It is a "getting started guide" to using the Cresta Solutions Project Framework to tackle nagging problems that are begging for innovative results. 🚀


⇝ What'll we do in the program?

This program was strategically designed to give you the framework, the tools, and the support to start moving that needle.

You'll bring to the program a low-stakes problem that your department needs solved. In order to learn the basics of how to lead a project to get innovative results, you'll watch short videos, reflect on your learning, and participate in dynamic live group coaching sessions. Throughout the program, you'll also get support from your Project Coach (me, Megan Mozina!) and your cohort.

Most importantly, over the course of the program, you'll apply this new approach on a real project of yours. So, not only will you learn new information, but you'll finish the course with a completed project in hand. When else does that happen?!

In doing so, you'll gain the confidence to apply the framework to other problems and projects. 🚀


⇝ What will I be able to do at the end of the program?

You'll be able to:

  1. Convert a nagging problem into a project that's completed confidently, collaboratively, and innovatively. 
  2. Lead a project using the five steps of the Cresta Solutions Project Leadership framework.
  3. Explain your rationale for each of the five steps of the framework, including why taking an inclusive, human-centered approach is the secret sauce.

If you participate in this program with your team, you'll also be able to collaboratively apply a consistent framework to all of your problem-solving and projects for exponential results. 🚀

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⇝ What does the investment include?

Online Course

Lifetime access to content

  • 7 modules, each including multiple lessons
  • Videos, transcripts, slides, and an applied Refresh Workbook for noting learning and for tracking project progress
  • Learn at your own pace, on your own schedule
  • Hosted on a top online learning platform, easily accessible on a computer or mobile app

Project Coaching*

Live, interactive coaching

  • Live online Group Coaching Sessions with Megan Mozina, Principal of Cresta Solutions, to review Modules and support project progress
  • Bonus live Group Project Coaching session(s) after the course component is complete to support sustained application - on this project and others

*Number of sessions based on cohort

Community Support

Lifetime access to high caliber group

  • Participants are split into small groups to increase accountability, provide feedback, and expand networks
  • The live calls provide additional opportunities for connection among participants
  • Private LinkedIn group for discussion and feedback with peers and coach is a built-in system for sustainable connections

The project leadership framework taught in this course is a way of life.

It's a way of approaching problems -- from the common, everyday challenges to the jaw-dropping whammies.

So, while individuals can take the course (join the waitlist!), the overarching program as described on this page is for organizations -- and it's customizable to each organization's specific needs. Departmental or organizational leaders, please book a time to discuss your needs!

By having a department and/or a group of leaders from an organization participate in this program together, you gain momentum, a support system, and a way of working together that leads to culture change and lasting results.

Plus, instead of hiring a consultant to solve problems for you, you're building capacity within your team. They'll not only be able to solve a problem and complete a project as part of this program -- they'll be able to confidently and collaboratively lead projects with a focus on innovative results going forward.

Investing in this program is like investing in a consultant + staff training + team-building, all in one!


This is for your org!

Refresh is a great fit for you and your team if:

  • You're forward-thinking and frustrated by the status quo
  • You'd like to build a more confident, collaborative team that's focused on innovative results
  • You want your teams to focus on solving the right problems, developing innovative solutions, and leading projects that get breakthrough, lasting results for your organization
  • You believe that individuals perform better when they're respected and cared for
  • You work for a purpose-driven organization (educational institution, nonprofit, etc.)
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This is not for your org.

would not be a good fit for you or your team if:

  • You enjoy the status quo
  • You're content with employees who work individually and who prefer to do things how they've always been done
  • You want projects done quickly, even if at the expense of quality
  • You're not concerned about retention or development of employees
  • You work in an industry that is not purpose-driven
Check out 1:1 Project Coaching instead

"Megan knows how to lead training, facilitate meetings, and help teams accomplish their goals."

"Megan is a true professional! Whether presenting in front of hundreds of people or groups of 10 or 20, Megan knows how to lead training, facilitate meetings, and help teams accomplish their goals. I have seen her effectively work in large ballrooms, small training and conference rooms, and over Zoom - before Zoom was as well-known as it is today! She is engaging, inclusive, and knowledgeable!"

-Kim-Marie Jenkins
Director of Organizational Effectiveness
University of Maine System

"I have always left her trainings a much better professional."

"I have been amazed at how [Megan] understands the needs of everyone around her. She does her research and comes to every session prepared. She then works on developing tools to help the project succeed. I have always left her trainings a much better professional."

-Raul Fernandez
Assistant Director of Community Standards
Illinois Institute of Technology

A Message from Megan


Hi, there!

I'm thrilled that you're interested in "Refresh: Intro to Straight-Forward Project Leadership for Innovative Results" for your organization! 

There is no other program like this. Not only do your team members learn and work together, but during the program they complete a project from your organization — they solve a real, nagging problem in an innovative way.

On top of that, they build confidence that they can do it again and again. That's impact. That's results for your organization.

Let's find a time to chat about how this program can help you take your department or organization to the next level. 🚀

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