13 Free Ways to Support Small Businesses

Nov 27, 2020

I was a child wonder. Yes, that’s right. 

I had a hidden skill that I developed over the years that would astound the onlooker, the few times that I activated that skill outside of my family circle. 

My skill was being able to put together paper mailings for my father’s small business. 

I could grab the three different sheets of paper, fold them, stuff the envelope, seal it, label it, stamp it, and get it ready to go with speed that was unprecedented for and with a stamina not often seen in a seven-year-old. 

I didn’t exactly love doing the mailings, but I was motivated to do it because I wanted people to know about the beautiful products that my father was selling. I wanted them to come visit his stunning gallery that would have grown men gawking upon entry. 

When they came in, past customers who hadn’t entered the gallery for a few years were often, to their surprise, greeted by name. On top of that, my father and his business partner would ask them how their daughter’s basketball game was coming along or how their son was doing at the local college. They’d ask how happy the customers were with previously purchased products and would provide suggestions on product care. 

Their visit to the gallery was an event, an experience. They connected with people who genuinely cared about their customers as individuals. 

Why It's Important

I do realize the irony of typing out this message that does not allow me to leverage my hidden gift of lightning fast, papercut-free paper mailing preparation. And for my online business, whose “locations” are virtual.

My point, though, remains the same: Supporting small businesses matters.

You already know many of the reasons why. To directly support families. To build more vibrant and diverse local communities. To spread the wealth. To support the creativity and innovation that can sometimes only flow from a small shop.

But don’t only do it to help the businesses and the families who own them. 

Supporting small businesses is good for you. You deserve people who will remember you. You deserve to feel a sense of community. You deserve to vote for the type of world you want to see through how you spend your income.

Actions You Can Take

Like you, I have a lot going on. There seems to always be more things to do, and less and less time. The allure of the quick purchase at a big box store is strong and normal. Making such purchases is often good and necessary. I’m in no way suggesting you strive for the practically impossible idea of only shopping small businesses. However, I am challenging you to up your small business game a bit. 

Note that there is so much that you can do to support small businesses before you even spend a dollar/peso/rupee/etc. When you take these actions for a small business, it has a disproportionately positive impact.

Check out the list of lucky thirteen below. Which three actions will you take to support a small business that you care about?

How to Support Cresta Solutions

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With so much gratitude,


Megan E. Mozina
Founder & Principal
Cresta Solutions


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